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Beppe, Clelia and Carla are happy to welcome you and we want to communicate B&B rules. The rules to be observed in the B & B are not only those provided for by law, but especially those dictated by common sense and mutual respect.

At the confirm of room a deposit is required to guarantee your reservation. The arrangements for paying the deposit will be notified via email to confirm availability. Later you will receive confirmation of room reservation with description of all the services offered and included in the price.

The delivery room is scheduled from 3.00 pm until 9.00 pm, except for the different needs of our guests. In order to organize ourselves, it will be appreciated a communication from you regarding your arrival time and delays. Upon arrival at the B & B should be handed over identity documents (passport or identity card) valid to be registered as required by law. Failure to comply with this requirement constitutes violation of the provisions of the Criminal Code and authorizes us to ask for the immediate abandonment of the B & Bs. The data of our guests are treated in accordance with current privacy legislation.

Once you fill out the notification card we will require for the balance of the stay that must be paid in cash. By law, the B & B are not commercial activities, so they are not required to release any tax document. To prove your payment we can issue a non-fiscal invoice with the amount and the data of your stay.

Subsequently will be given the keys and will be shown the room, the bathroom and common areas.

Unfortunately we do not have payment services such as ATM or credit cards, so the forms of payment accepted by us are bank wire transfers, money orders and cash.

Breakfast can be served in the breakfast room between approximately 07.30 am and 10.00 am. The cleaning of the rooms and bathrooms are made at end of stay or every 4 days for longer stays (excluding Sundays and holidays) and include the change of bed linen and bath towels, while the common area is tidied every day. (Note: To protect the environment, in collaboration with our guests, we decided to limit the damage of pollution, not sending to wash clean sponges. Consequently We are grateful if you would like to kindly throw only the dirty towels on the floor that must be preplaced).

It is absolutely not allowed to smoke inside the rooms and bedrooms. The observance of this simple rule stems from the need to protect non-smokers (all of us), or those who will come after you, as well as a standard for fire prevention.

It is our pleasure to inform you that our rooms are not equipped with safes, so please do not leave any effect of value unattended in rooms, bathrooms and common areas. We invite our guests always to close the doors and windows. The B & B disclaims any responsibility for the loss, theft or damage to items of your property left in the rooms, bathrooms and public areas, and for any damage to persons or property to and from third parties. Any damage must be reported and settled immediately to the manager of the house.

In accordance with the rules of the B & B and the rules of the Municipal Police is required to observe silence during the hours between 2.00 pm and 4.00 pm and from 10.00 pm to 08.00 am.

On the departure day, rooms must beleft no later than 10.30 am to enable cleaning. Of course, guests can continue to stay in the common areas or continue its visits or shopping leaving luggage in custody.

It is strictly forbidden to consume food in the room and use any kind of stoves. In accordance with the laws regional and as well for reasons of safety and respect of other guests, we do not grant the use of stoves, however, we allow the free consumption of pre-cooked food or heated in the microwave stove in the kitchen.

The kitchen has a sink, refrigerator, freezer, microwave, kettle, toaster, we also provide free glasses, plates and plastic utensils and paper towels! (However we allow the free consumption of convenience food that you can heat and eat freely in the kitchen, of course, in respect of other guests we ask you to reorde the kitchen).

It is strictly forbidden to receive visits. Any visits must be previously agreed.

It is recommended not to throwe anything in the toilet (please use the appropriate bins).

It is also recommended to turn off lights and air conditioners whenever you leave the room.

If you are forced to cancel the booking, you have to send a written communication by email, fax or mail to our B & B. We return the full amount up to 20 days before arrival date. While under the said period will retain 50% of the amount paid as down payment. Over 7 days of the arrival date, the full amount will be charged as down payment. The No-show, without any notice, involves the charging of the whole deposit. In case of early departure no refund is provided.

Before confirming your reservation via email, we invite the guests to take vision of our internal rules and to accept them by signing. Therefore, all reservations, even those with no read receipt and acceptance will be deemed as accepted.

Sure of your kind cooperation we remain at your disposal for any clarification and wish you a pleasant stay in Sulcis Iglesiente !!!

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